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Going for broke…

If you’re gonna go broke, go for broke.

Back Story

I had a friend who stated, “If I was down to my last $10 bill, I’d buy a steak with it.” This remark always stuck with me. Putting aside for a moment why a person would be in such a situation to begin with, the above sentiment flies in the face of common wisdom, which tells us all to hunker down and conserve resources in the face of adversity—ostensibly to make it through to a better day. All too often, though, life doesn’t work that way. All that we accomplish in conserving resources is to “die a slower death”. As with most aphorisms, this one isn’t intended to speak for all situations. It is intended to speak for those situations in which “playing it safe” is expected to result in the same outcome as not doing so. In the face of danger, you can laugh or cry. Some choose to laugh.

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