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The meaning of life…

What is the meaning of life…to give life meaning.

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(A quick note about the spelling of G-d below: I am Jewish, and in the Jewish tradition it is not allowed to write the name of G-d, so I use the common convention for referring to G-d.)

G-d doesn’t need people, the earth, or even all of creation—he wants them. That’s why G-d created everything we see and sense. We exist because of G-d’s loving-kindness. We exist so that we can share in G-d’s universe and find wonder in it all. G-d invites us to take the raw materials he has given us—our bodies, our minds, our senses, our creative instincts—and use them to discover the intrinsic truths that G-d has built into the world. In doing this, we give meaning to life itself. It is what we are expected to do—and we do it in a way that is unique to each of us. For reasons too unfathomably wonderful to comprehend, I believe G-d maintains a keen interest in how we use our lives.

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