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Motherly advice…

The best advice I ever received came from my mother: “Do at least one fun thing every day.”

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I must admit that when my mother first suggested this to me some years back, I reacted with skepticism. I said to myself, “How could doing (at least) one fun thing a day help me cope better with the many stressors I have to contend with in a typical day?”

As I’m sure many of you have already found, it does wonders.

At some point, and for some reason, I actually decided to give my mom’s advice a try: each day I resolved to consciously decide what I would do for fun that day; I then made certain to carry through with the plan. In no time, I found that this planning and doing became an anchor that enabled me to stay centered in turbulent seas. No matter how bad things got, I always had that one fun thing—no matter how small—to look forward to. This little piece of homespun advice has paid dividends time and again for me. I hope it will for you, too.

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