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You are not a better or wiser person simply because you’ve ceased to care.

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Cynicism is just another self-delusion—a conceit. The prevailing wisdom is that one of the hallmarks of a “mature”, “evolved”, and “world-wise” individual is that such a person has accepted that they can’t change everything, and that the world isn’t perfect and it can never be made so. While these statements may be technically true, all too often they are used as camouflage for simple insensitivity and even narcissism. It is better to care about something and be viewed as quixotic than to not care about anything and be lauded and admired for it. This aphorism warns: if you witness an injustice and you do not feel anything, you should not take comfort in the fact or congratulate yourself; rather, you should reconsider your motives for holding the point of view you hold.

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