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Crime and punishment…

A few thoughts on crime and punishment:

Punishment—either don’t merit it, or learn to embrace it.

It is easy to endure punishment, much harder to accept it.

Committing a crime is like incurring a debt: you can either pay it off now, or pay it off later—with interest.

Back Story

If you have committed a wrong, do not fear punishment and do not take action to avoid punishment. Welcome and accept punishment. In fact, seek it out through owning up to what you have done and attempting to make amends. To do otherwise will unleash great evil. Only through punishment can one achieve a degree of absolution and learn from the experience. If you are shown mercy by someone you have harmed, so much the better, but such mercy can have no meaning to you unless you have allowed yourself to feel remorse and are willing and prepared to pay the price for your actions.

Of course, all this can be avoided if you simply endeavor to do right to begin with…

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