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A regular posting of witticisms, aphorisms, and general musings by Clifford Cohen.

G-d’s greatest gift…

The ability to not believe in G-d is G-d’s greatest gift to us, for without it we could not return to Him (or Her).

Back Story

Sometimes rewards can be found in the most unlikely of places and situations. There is a compensatory component to everything:

…an important lesson learned through the “school of hard knocks”.

…losing your high paying job, your house, and your spouse, and finding peace in a simpler life (and gaining satisfaction and self-confidence from realizing you survived it all).

…losing faith and then, in deciding to return to faith, experiencing that special measure of joy that is available only to those who have made such a choice.

In times of adversity it is necessary to remember that a lifeline exists. You only have to find it.

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