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There’s no arguing with a song that writes itself.

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Has this ever happened to you:

You sit down one day in a creative mood with the intention of creating/inventing something—a song, a painting, a short story, a new way to make malted milk balls—and what you end up producing is something totally unexpected…but wonderful nonetheless. This happens to me on a surprisingly regular basis, and strangely, I have found that my first inclination in such situations is to question the validity of what I have created because it does not conform to what I intended to create. What I have learned is to never question such gifts. If you sit down to write a serious novel, and what comes out is a collection of bawdy limericks, go with the flow! Make it the best collection of bawdy limericks ever written. In short, if you do anything of an inspired nature, unless you are philosophically opposed to the result, or you are afraid of what will happen once you share your work with others, do not argue with your good fortune—let your creation be what it needs to be: nurture it in the proper direction the minute its true nature reveals itself to you…then release it to the world and take credit for it.

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