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His problem is that he doesn’t want anyone until he can have anyone he wants.

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Why is it so hard for some individuals to commit to one person for fear that someone else “better” might come along? Do you think it ever occurs to such people that, at any point in time, there will always be someone new to “strike their eye”—or that it is literally impossible for them to be aware of every possible person in the world who might appeal to them? Nevertheless, despite the obvious answers to these questions, we all know that in such matters logic does not play a big part. Human beings fall prey to this illusion (of wanting to keep their options open) in all spheres of life. Choosing one person, one course of action, one career, one house, or even one entree from a restaurant menu—and living with the results—can often be very hard to do. Those who persistently seek the better option risk experiencing various forms of paralysis. If you find yourself described by this observation, try thinking about your situation in this way:

The volume of a box is Length (Depth) * Height * Width. When looking at the box from the front, are you thinking only about the height and width and ignoring the depth? If the height and width were to be made smaller, but the depth were to be increased, wouldn’t the volume be the same? If you allow yourself to accept that even if there may be other boxes where two of the dimensions might be greater, you always have the option of exploring and appreciating the other dimension of the box you choose, such that the box is always large enough for you to be satisfied with. In life, the “box dimensions” of practically everything will change over time, but applying the above perspective will help you to continue to appreciate the choices you make. In any circumstance, there is little that is not engaging when the total picture is considered.

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