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Legal vs. advised…

There’s way too much that’s legal that’s just plain wrong.

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Our laws are necessary for our survival as a species, but like any man-made construct, they can be misguided, immoral, or incomplete. When you find yourself rationalizing what you are doing by saying to yourself that what you are doing is not illegal, consider questioning that thought. If something feels wrong, it probably is—whether it is legal or not. Don’t do that thing. The law is a guide, not an absolute, when it comes to ethicality. It provides a minimum basis for acting in the world. Obeying the law is a requirement of every person. However, just because the law can, on occasion, allow you to act in a certain questionable manner does not mean that it requires you to do so. When what is allowed conflicts with your conscience, it is better to listen to your inner compass.

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