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Eating healthy…

Eating healthy is not so much about what you eat, but what you don’t eat.

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This statement might seem obvious to some, unintuitive to others. The logical/philosophical conundrum of eating healthy is whether one should focus on eating the right foods in the right amounts, or on not eating the wrong foods in the wrong amounts. Both are valid ways to approach changing one’s diet, but my instinct tells me that the latter is more important than the former. Why do I say so? Because when you focus on eating the right foods, inevitably some of the wrong foods “creep into” the diet. This creates a situation in which you may be better nourished, but you suffer the effects of eating the wrong foods. Whereas when you focus on not eating the wrong foods you avoid the ill effects of such foods while leaving open the possibility of finding superior nourishment in other foods.

If anyone reading this post wants to know what my diet is, let me know and I will be glad to share in a future post.

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