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See the deeper meaning…

If your life insurance company just raised your premium, don’t rail against their rapacious pricing. Rather, take stock of the fact that they have reason to believe your chances of dying just increased.

Back Story

See the deeper meaning in what happens to you. All too often, we respond emotionally to an event, which makes it all the more difficult to understand the true import of the event. Take life insurance, for instance: while it is not pleasant to pay a higher premium, the insurance company just did you a favor: they inadvertently let you know that it is time you took stock of your habits and your life. And yes, I just used two colons in a single sentence—on purpose and with full knowledge of how grammatically unacceptable such an act is. Getting back to the subject at hand: (another colon…in the second of two consecutive sentences) Seeing the deeper meaning of things allows one to take more meaningful action in response to those things. That’s why this witticism is important. : (A colon, by itself, in its own sentence, just because no one is stopping me from doing it.)

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