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Giving the gift of hope…

One of the greatest gifts that parents can impart to their children is the hope for a rewarding life experience.

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Inculcating a sense of the possible in a child is a gift of immeasurable importance. Creating an emotional environment that validates the reality of hope, and the potential of dreams to materialize given the right conditions, is one of the worthiest goals any parent can have. A child without hope or expectation of tangible and spiritual reward for a life well lived is a child who will forever act in opposition to the natural flow of things—a child who will view any interaction as a contest, with winners and losers, a child who will never fully enjoy his/her victories, and who will experience shame at all of his/her defeats. The child who believes that the world holds within it the promise of positive reward will seek such reward through the same means by which the reward is offered—benignly, openly, confidently, generously.

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