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Dealing with insults…

If you’re feeling insulted, the likelihood is you are being tested.

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People test people in different ways for different reasons. One of the surest ways to test a person’s maturity is to insult them and then watch what they do. This aphorism is designed to encourage a person to recognize indignation when it wells up inside, and to develop the capacity for immediately stepping back and taking stock of why the emotional reaction is occurring. Here’s what to do when you are feeling insulted:

Consider whether the insult is really an insult.

If you believe that the insult is truly an insult, consider the source of the insult and what their possible intent might be in insulting you.

Determine how you will respond based upon the above conclusions.

Doing the above can potentially prevent misunderstandings and inappropriate actions. Equally important: it will prevent you from losing opportunities that you might never have known were at stake.

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