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Money and happiness…

How much money do you really need to be happy? How much money would make you really unhappy?

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Something to think about next time you find yourself fantasizing about all the incredible things you’ll be able to do once you win the lottery. Money can make things easier, but two things I believe are true: 1) most people typically do not need large amounts of money to lead a fulfilling life, and 2) having too much money can create complications that detract from the enjoyment of living. This aphorism is designed to undermine the delusion that money is somehow correlated directly to the degree of happiness one experiences in life. Money, of course, plays an important role, but its importance is subservient to each person’s particular needs and perspectives. Instead of passively accepting that having more money is an unmitigated good, take a more volitional approach and decide exactly how much money you really need to meet the requirements of your life.

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